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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA is one of the many different accountancy bodies. To become a professional accountant, one must be a member of a professional accountancy body such as ACCA.  Qualifying with ACCA usually takes about three years and comprises a number of papers. 

Why choose to become a professional accountant with ACCA?

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What courses does ACCA have for school leavers and university graduates? 


What can I expect when I take CAT programme? 


Aside from taking exams, why do I need to take Professional Ethics Module? 

Foundations in Professionalism  or Professional Ethics Module  is an online interactive programme that ensures all its members act ethical and professional. You only need to complete once, and can be taken at any level (certificate or diploma).

How to check for exemptions? 

Applicants who may have some qualifications may not have to take all the exams in the ACCA qualifications or Foundations in Accountancy awards. Before applying, you need to check if your qualification exempts you from taking certain papers.

  • Use the exemptions online application (click here) to find out which level should you start your studies.
  • Guidelines on how to search for exemptions can be viewed here.

I am a SPM leaver, where should I start? 


Who are the approved learning providers of ACCA? 

ACCA’s Approved Learning Partners are tuition providers who have demonstrated that they can meet a range of challenging performance targets set by ACCA.


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