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Ideal A-Levels Student

1. Independent Learner
2. Has good financial resources or has a scholarship grant
3. Wants to study overseas
4. Has already decided on which course to take

A-Levels aka Advanced Level course is a pre-university course offered by private institutions of higher learning. A-Levels are considered to be equivalent to form 6 in the UK. It is popular as being a gateway to studying any course in any part of the world as the scope for A-Levels is very wide. A-Levels can take up to 18 months with 3 intakes which vary according to institutions.

What Makes It Special

A-levels is currently the most popular private pre-university programme in Malaysia, and with over 40 subjects to choose from it is considered one of the most flexible pre-university programme in the world!


Students who have undergone SPM have to obtain at least 5 credits including English in order to qualify for A-Levels. GCE O-Levels results are also accepted.

Available Subjects

There are more than 40 subjects available in A-levels and students are allowed to take a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 subjects for A-Levels.

How to choose the right subjects for A-Levels.

Subjects offered at different institutions may vary from one another, thus students are advised on the subject combination that is suitable for the undergraduate degree programmes they wish to take after A-levels.Students studying in Malaysia will also have to sit for Malaysian studies and Moral/Islamic studies papers.

Assessment Method

Study years: The programme is divided into Advanced Subsidiary (or better known as AS Level) and A2 Level where your final grade will be made up of 50% from AS and the other half from A2.

Exam: A-level grades are 100% based only on marks from written exams with a separate endorsement for practical skills.

Grades: The body assessing your papers will give you either grades A* to E for each subject taken with a maximum score of A*A*A* for 3 subjects, and A*A*A*A* for 4 subjects.


The cost of this pre-U course varies depending on the institutions and is determined by the type (science or art) and number of subjects. The cost can range from RM10, 000 to RM25, 000+.

Compare A-levels programmes offered by Malaysian universities and colleges:

Brickfields Asia CollegeRM25,900RM22,900
German-Malaysian InstituteRM28,000RM22,900
Taylor’s College Subang JayaRM44,000RM44,000
Taylor’s College Sri HartamasRM39,960RM39,960
HELP UniversityRM38,500RM38,500
UCSI UniversityRM37,300RM34,600
ATC CollegeNARM31,000
Disted CollegeRM21,080RM21,080
Institut Sinaran SabahRM17,500RM15,700
INTEC Education CollegeRM41,400NA
INTI International College SubangRM32,580RM38,500
INTI International College PenangRM25,800RM38,500
INTI International College NilaiRM23,400RM38,500
KBU International CollegeRM31,530NA
KDU University CollegeRM30,710RM32,960
President CollegeRM27,000RM13,500
Sunway University CollegeRM36,660RM34,560
Stamford CollegeRM24,240RM21,340
Terra CollegeRM15,550RM12,500
Tunku Abdul Rahman Universe CollegeRM17,400RM13,500

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*Local Fees may vary depending on major and programme duration

How to Apply

Both Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel International Examinations are the most renowned international boards offering different qualifications to students such as IGCSE, GCE O Level, AS level and A Level.The specifications of syllabuses might differ but both of them are recognized by colleges, universities and employers all around the world. There is no difference in the level or degree of difficulty between the two.

Currently in Malaysia, there are two boards offering GCE A-level, mainly the Cambridge board ICE), and the London board (Edexcel).

ICE A-level is available in private institutions such as Taylor’s, INTI, Nilai and KDU while the Edexcel A-level is available in HELP and UCSI.

Uni Pathways

Overseas: A-levels is one of the most recognised qualifications around the world. Students use this qualification to gain places at leading universities worldwide including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

A-levels in Malaysia is the same with the A-levels programme taken by learners in the United Kingdom, and are accepted for entrance to all UK universities. Over 450 US universities A Levels, including all Ivy League and Ivy Plus universities.

Click here to know how to choose the best combination of A-levels subjects for university entrance.

Malaysia: A-levels is recognised in most local private institutions of higher learning. For local public universities, only Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Universiti Malaya (UM) recognise this pre-u programme.

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