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A tour guide helps tourists enjoy their visit in a foreign country by showing them places of interest such as museums, historical sites, and other important venues. Their main job is to provide assistance and information (cultural and historical) to visitors. They help plan the tour programme as well as organise groups to make sure that everyone enjoys the tour.


Market Demand

Tour guides usually find employment in tour agencies.

500,000 jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector will be available by 2020. We need to have 50,000 graduates of hospitality and tourism annually to fill in these jobs.

Malaysian hospitality and tourism industry is expanding and receiving strong support from the government because this is a second major source of national income and employment to the people. National income from this industry reached RM58.3 billion in 2011. With that said the need for training in tourism and hospitality in upgrading the competencies level of workforce to participate in the industry is very important.



To qualify as a tour guide, you must have a diploma or degree in tourism studies, history and other related courses. In Malaysia, one must pass a short course to obtain a tour guide license from the Ministry of Tourism. Moreover, employers are interested in candidates who can build good rapport with groups and can handle people from all walks of life.


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