Rig Manager

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An oil rig manager is the leader in a drilling operation. His job is to oversee the crew’s work and resolve any problems and issues that might occur from time to time. A rig operates on 12-hour shifts and typically workers do 14 days and then rotate out for a break for another 14 days.


Market Demand

With oil and gas production increasing,made evident by the growing number of offshore rigs, rig managers remain in strong demand. Managers and workers are scarce in this specialized industry  hence the salary offered in such positions are very high. However, a candidate must be able to fulfil a criteria and standards before they can apply for this position.rig_2


Formal education is not critical to become a rig manager however a background in engineering technology can be an advantage. Experience is highly valued by all employers in this field. Rig managers usually work their way through the various drilling crew jobs and progress their way up. Aside from solid experience, various safety certificates and some management training may be required.


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