Research Scientist

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Researchers uncover the meaning, significance, causes and effects of whatever subject they’re investigating. The work they do have academic, commercial, scientific and social impact.


Market Demand

Research and development are the backbones of any industry, as well as anything involving product development, the advancement of technology and any data-based improvements. The need for qualified research scientists is always in demand.



At a minimum, most careers in research require a BA or a BS in a related discipline. Advanced positions generally require an advanced degree. Unlike such careers as investment banking or management consulting, where there is a formalized recruiting process set up for college graduates, many research positions-particularly those in social science or science-are the kind you network into on the basis of your independent accomplishments in the field. Internships or research assistantships will open many doors. Researchers must be good in project management, handling budgets, team leadership or management, data handling and IT skills.

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