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A radiologist is a physician who has specialized training in obtaining and interpreting medical images, which makes him or her an imaging expert.  They use controlled amounts of radiation, especially in x-rays, to produce a picture of the insides of patients. These pictures help in the treatment of diseases such as cancer.


Market Demand

Radiologist job outlook remains stable through 2016. Most jobs in the next few years will be in private practices, followed by academic universities. There will be more opportunities available for general radiologists, breast imagers, neuroradiologists, teleradiologists, women’s imagers, chest imagers, MRI specialists and interventional neuroradiologists. The greatest demand will be for general radiologists.



To become a radiologist, you  must have graduated from an accredited medical school and has earned an MD/MBBS degree. He or she have passed a licensing examination, performed a year of internship, and completed at least four years of graduate medical education (residency) in radiology. Upon completing a residency, these doctors may choose to enter a fellowship program and sub-specialize into one or more areas of radiology.

Radiologists are usually board certified, that is, have taken and passed an examination and thus approved to practice in the field by either the American Board of Radiology (for a medical doctor) or the American Osteopathic Board of Radiology (for an osteopathic doctor). The pathway to become a radiologist can be viewed here:

  1. Form 6 (science stream)
  2. Apply medical in local university – 5 years
  3. Housemanship – 2 years
  4. Junior Medical Officer (JMO) – 2 years
  5. Apply for Master in Radiologist in USM, UM or UKM
  6. Go for interview (minimumly 6 months JMO in radiology department)
  7. Study master for 4 years. 1st and 3rd year got exam. 4th year purely assessment.
  8. Become a Radiologist in Malaysia


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