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A headhunter or a recruiter is a person who has the skills and talents to search or source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions in an organisation. Essentially the headhunter pre-screens all the candidates and only presents the very best individuals to the company. They eliminate the need for the company to advertise the position and save the company from sorting through unqualified applications. Whether you like it or not, at some point your career, you may find yourself working with a headhunter.


Market Demand

Demand for recruiters is rising. After the harshness of the recession, many industries are witnessing huge growth. Due to the explosion of these industries, there are more job roles being created in the country than ever before. Recruiters help manage the high volume of candidates and decide if they fit the job roles that have changed in many industries. Technology is improving at an alarming rate and job specifications are changing in line with this.

In the HR category, recruiter jobs are now second only to the listings for HR managers, says Wanted. The research firm analyzes online listings from corporate sites, job boards, and elsewhere to create reports on the types of jobs being advertised and other information and business intelligence.headhunter2


Most headhunters come from business or human resource management backgrounds. Some headhunters have worked in the corporate world for a variety of sectors – IT, communications, finance, retail, manufacturing and many more. With the knowledge they have about the industry, they understand what corporations are looking for and who might be a good fit with each company. Successful headhunters have a strong network of people, professional associations and companies.


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