What is an Offer Letter?

An offer letter is the acknowledgement of the institution’s will and wish to allow you to study and be the recipient of their educational services.

offer letter

Malaysia’s higher education institutions issue the offer letter to students if the academic qualifications meet the institution’s standards and after admission fees are completed.

The content of the offer letter is structured as follows:

  • Personal information of the applicant (name, passport number, the course or the program the student is applying for)
  • The structure of the program (for instant: a business degree is a 3-year program)
  • The structure of yearly fees, deposits, registration fees, visa processing fees and facilities’ fees.
  • Instructions on how to make the first payment
  • The minimum payment required before coming to Malaysia
  • Instruction on the documents required for complete admission and visa application

Offer letters are conditional and cannot be used to come to Malaysia without a student visa.

Student visa is issued only after submitting all the required documents and making all the required payments to the institution.

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