Required documents needed for university application – International Students

International students need to know and understand what are the documents are required for admission procedures in Malaysian private institutions:

required documents for international students

  • Fill in the application form (Provided by the institution)
  • Certified true copies of the academic qualifications of the applicant in the original language and translated to English (if not in English)
  • 1 copy of all the pages of the passport (including all blank pages) with a minimum validity of 12 months
  • 8 recent blue background passport size photographs (5cm X 3.5cm)
  • Medical Report (Form is provided by the institution)
  • Certified copy of the English proficiency certificate of the applicant (if applicable)
  • Minimum student visa fees are (US$900)

The applicant has to ensure that all the documents are correctly completed and certified and sent to the institution before traveling to Malaysia. The institution will proceed with submitting these documents to the appropriate authorities for assessment and visa application.

Typically, the process takes about 4 –  8 weeks till the visa approval letter is issued to the student.

Once the student receives the visa approval letter, he/she needs to check with the Malaysian embassy in his/her country for clearance. If there is no embassy, the student is advised to consult with the institution regarding the clearance process.

Once cleared, the student should purchase the flight ticket and must inform the institution of the date of arrival in Malaysia 7 days before traveling to Malaysia and send a copy of the travel itinerary to the institution. The institution should provide transportation and reception from the airport to the student(s) and the accommodation must be arranged prior to arrival.

All payments stated in the offer letter must be completed before leaving your home country. Payments must be made to the institution directly.

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