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Student Living Allowance for PISMP students at IPGs Terminated?

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  • Jul 12, 2017
  • Afterschool.my

Image via britishcouncil.my

In a shocking turn of events, rumours have been rife with news that the Ministry of Education  (MOE) has chosen to stop the allocation of student living allowances to PISMP students at IPGs around Malaysia.

The following would be the supposed new allocations allotted to students:

PISMP students

  • There is no living allowance
  • The tuition fee of RM27,831.00 is borne (supported) by the government
  • PTPTN loan to bare cost of living for those who need it

PPISMP students

  • Living allowance of RM430.00
  • Tuition fee of RM8,963.00
  • Fares not exceeding RM500.00 per year based on actual travel requirements.

While there has been no confirmation on the emerging story, many current students have come forward and confessed that it is indeed true, and those individuals themselves are already without a student allowance. Only time will tell however, whether this new amendment is here to stay. What do all of you think? Is the decision unthinkable, or perhaps, not as bad as it seems when you consider students studying PISMP are still provided accommodation and do not have to bear the brunt of tuition?

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