JPA Loan for Overseas Studies – A Complete Guide

June 11, 2014
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Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) Malaysia or Public Service Department (PSD) is a government agency that focuses on human talent development and resource management. JPA has many programmes and among them includes an education loan for Malaysian students pursuing tertiary education overseas.

Amount of loan by course


When can I apply for JPA loan?

Application is done online at It will be opened twice a year and the online application form will only be available during these two periods:


Who can apply for JPA loan?

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Must be a first year college student (JPA wants the actual results) in a programme recognised by JPA.
  • Not exceeding 25 years old upon application
  • Has not obtained any degree titles
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not bind to any (other) government’s loan schemes or scholarships.JPA_1
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have any arrears (issues) or being blacklisted by any government’s loan schemes.
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have gone against any government’s scholarship contracts.
  • At a time, only one member from a family can apply for this education loan.
  • Family member of successful applicant will be given chance to apply this education loan if only if he or she (the successful applicant) has started the repayment of loan for at least time period of 6 months.
  • For twinning program, loan will only be issued during the study period in overseas.

How do I apply for the JPA loan? 

Applicants/students need to compile certified copies of financial, academic, and travel documents. Late submission or incomplete documents can make your application unsuccessful.



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