How Can International Students Apply for Malaysian Private Universities

The process of applying for a Malaysian institution (university, university college, college) is pretty straight forward:

1. Entry Requirements Check:

Check application requirements

a. Country of origin

Based on the country of origin, entry requirement may vary. However, any accredited qualification equivalent to a (12 year education system with 6 years of high school) will qualify the holder for a seat in a degree program in a Malaysian institution.

b. Academic

i. Foundation:

If the qualification of the candidate is equivalent to (11 years education system, 5 years of high school), the candidate must consider applying for foundation studies. A foundation program is traditionally 8 – 10 months (1 year, including breaks and holidays) and is designed to prepare students for college level education.

ii. Diploma:

A number of students with qualifications equivalent to (11 years education system) choose to enroll in a 2-year diploma program relevant to the subject of interest. Upon completing the diploma program, these students stand a chance to continue into the relevant degree program with a great deal of credit transfer where students need not to repeat subjects completed in their diploma, effectively reducing the number of years it takes to complete a degree program with the advantage of holding a diploma certificate.

iii. Degree:

High school results must be averaged 60% or higher for admission into a degree program. If the results are below the average, the candidate will be assessed based on the case of the individual. The institution will have the authority to determine the eligibility, whether it is possible to enroll in a degree program or not.

2. Fill in the forms

Application form and documents

You are advised to fill in the application form of the institution (provided by the university) and submit it to the institution. You will need to obtain an offer letter to study at the institution of interest after submitting the form. Receiving the offer letter means that you have been accepted to study at the chosen university. Admission fees may apply based on the institution which must be paid directly into the institution’s account and remember to keep your proof of payment at all times.

3. Visa process

Visa processes and durartion

You will be required to complete the documents required for finalizing admission and student visa process after receiving your offer letter.

Traditionally, all the required documents and the required payments will be stated in the offer letter which you must submit to the institution. A waiting period of 4 – 8 weeks will be imposed for visa processing. The student will be notified once the visa has been approved and issued.

4. Travel plans

Planning your travels to Malaysia

Once all the above is cleared and your visa is ready, you must purchase your ticket and inform your institution of your travel itinerary at least 7 days prior to departure. The institution will facilitate the entry from the airport to the country and provide transportation from the airport to the institution for further processing.

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