Religious Studies

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Do you find religions an interesting subject? Do you like conducting investigative research? If you like to further understand this topic, taking Religious Studies will allow you to understand various religious traditions including their historical, cultural and doctrinal background.

Rather than teaching a religion from the standpoint of a believer, Religious Studies approaches these complicated traditions of beliefs and practices in the same way as a political theorist regards systems of governance or a literary critic reads canonical literature: that is, we do not attempt to assess the “truth” or the merits of particular religions, but instead seek to understand how they have come about, what they are made of, what their practitioners do, and how they affect culture and society.


Having studied neutrally and compared religions cross-culturally, religious studies graduates are most treasured for their empathetic perspectives. The obvious career field for graduates to go into would be ministry, whether as imams, priests or Pastors. However, equal opportunities are available in other fields like community welfare, journalism, government policymaking, archiving, legal professions and administrative departments.

 Of course, you can further your studies into postgraduate. Doing so will open more scholarly and research positions. Certain career positions also require more specialised studies after your Bachelor’s in religious studies. For example, you would need a background in Law to be an Attorney and you would need to study a higher education level to be a Professor of Divinity. You should also remember that a few of the powerful leaders of the world, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and our very own 5th Prime Minister, are in fact, professionals in religious studies.


If you plan to go into religious Ministry, don’t expect a good pay, financially. Ministry is more about the reward in afterlife than anything else. The following is a table of salaries for Ministers in the United States, compiled by Pay Scale:

  • Yearly Salary: RM32,000-RM52,000; Bonus: RM5,600-RM23,200; Total Pay: RM404,000-RM668,000

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