Completing the application in Malaysia – post arrival

After arriving in Malaysia, students are required to follow up on their applications and complete the process according to the regulations set by the ministry of higher education and the department of immigration in Malaysia.

Complete your application

All students arriving in Malaysia are required to take the medical examination at a predetermined panel clinic to confirm the report provided by the student from the country of origin within 7 days from the date of arrival.

The results of the medical exam and the passport will be submitted to the institution’s international office for visa endorsement. If the health report has no issues and the student passes the medical assessment, the passport will be given back to the student within 6 – 8 weeks from the date of submission with his/her student visa.

The institution is required to provide the student with evidence of possession of the student’s passport for legal purposes. Therefore, every student must have the evidence carried at all times.

At this point, any health related issues may result in the cancellation of the application and rejection of visa.

The student is generally advised to complete:

checklist of documents and process to complete


  • The required payment prior to arrival in Malaysia. All payments are stated in the offer letter
  • Arrange for accommodation before coming to Malaysia assisted by the institution

In the case that the payment is not fully completed before coming to Malaysia, the student must complete the payment within a particular grace period arranged with the university. Otherwise, the student will be denied service and the permission to utilize the facilities at the institution will not be granted.

If the student did not arrange for accommodation before arrival, the institution will provide temporary lodging until the student can arrange for his/her place of residence.

English Proficiency:

English Certificate and Testing

If the student has no English proficiency certificate, the student is required to sit for an English placement exam at the university. The results of the test will determine if the student’s English language is sufficient to pursue his/her higher education. If the results of the English test indicate that the student needs to study a certain level of the English language, the student has no other choice but to comply.

The intensive English program provided by the university will be provided based on the level determined by the placement test. There are three general levels: elementary/basic English level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

Each level is approximately about 3 – 4 months and if the student is required to sit for English classes, new structure of fees will be imposed to accommodate this need until the end of the English course.

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