question regarding ukm international degree programme, i would like to ask about the fees. normally the fees of the course in public university will be sponsored by the goverment. goverment will pay half or more of the total fees and student will be pay the rest of the cost which is affordable within 5 to 10- -thousand ringgit for the whole semester. student will just have to pay that amaount. so my question is do i need to borrow ptptn for the whole amount of the fees? for example, tesl course fee is rm 49 000 so i have to owe ptptn in taht amount? or goverment will take—–care of the half of the fees

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By nurul atikah bt mohd yusof

17.24 pm, August 11, 2017
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    Hi Atikah,
    The international degree programme does not work exactly the same as those applying through UPU. Just like it’s name, it’s offered to both Malaysian and International students and the fee is similar to a private university. Because this programme allows students to register directly to the university and not through UPU, you will have to pay for the full fees. You can apply for external loans or scholarships but do note that this fee will not be subsidised by the government. It is not necessary for you to apply for scholarship or loans if you can afford it. Do read this article to find out more about the similarities, differences and frequently asked questions about UKM’s new programme:

    Hope this helps.

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