Is UM’s Foundation in Physical Sciences recognized overseas??

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01.21 am, March 20, 2017
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    Its recognised in many universities overseas but not ALL. STPM has global recognition.

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    Hello Muhammad,

    UM’s Foundation is recognized in all Malaysian universities, both public and private. However, if overseas, it depends on the country and university you select. But as Rajah said, not all universities abroad recognize a foundation qualification.

    Now, the best options for you are the following:

    – STPM: it is recognized worldwide and recognized by the top universities in the world. It is cheap to study, but it takes more than 18 months to complete.

    Useful links:

    – A-Levels: it is equivalent to STPM and has the same recognition worldwide:

    The interesting thing here is that A-Levels take less time than STPM.

    If you are considering studying abroad, your best option is either STPM or A-Level.
    The choice is yours.

    Best of luck.

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