Hi. I was wondering 1)where should I submit my appeal form for form 6 2) is there any chances that I can start form 6 as early as those who got offer since I dont get any 3)I’ve read some blog that says that for those who didn’t get offer(for form 6), our chances to pursue form six is a little bit hard. Is it true?

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By Zulaikha699

00.28 am, April 20, 2017
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    Hi Zulaikha

    1- please take a look at this: http://afterschool.my/news/form-6-application-guide/

    There are some important information about the appeal and where to submit your forms.

    2- That would depend on the appeal process and how fast it will happen. But in general sense, you will need to catch up with your classmates.

    3- Not necessary… here is why, it highly depends on your qualifications and where you can go. If you are concerned, you have more options:


    Hopefully this helps.

    Don’t give up – Best of luck

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