hi, i got B for physics. so the question is, is it possible for me to further my studies in engineering? are there any other conditions that i need to fulfill?

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By atiyah

23.12 pm, March 20, 2017
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    Hi Atiyah

    The short answer is YES you can..


    First of all, how about the rest of your subjects? you need at least Bs in at least 3 science subjects (Physics, Math, Chemistry/Biology). You need to pass English, BM and History.

    Second, you need to have a pre-u course:

    – If you plan to study engineering at a private university, you need to take a foundation in science in the institution you select.

    Useful link: http://afterschool.my/course-description/college-foundations-2/

    You need to maintain a CGPA of at least 2.0

    – If you plan to study at a public university, you need to take one of the following

    = STPM: http://afterschool.my/course-description/form-6-stpm/
    = Matriculation: http://afterschool.my/course-description/government-matriculation-2/

    You need to maintain good results and get a CGPA of at least 3.0

    – If you plan to study abroad, you need a pre u that is recognized internationally like STPM or A-Levels (http://afterschool.my/course-description/a-levels-2/)

    In such case, you need to maintain very good results. Preferably above 3.0.

    Third, you can pursue your engineering degree at a university you select.

    Good luck

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