Hi, I am STPM graduate. Here are the few questions i would like to ask 1) As I failed in getting any course during UPU application, so now I am need to do appeal. Can I choose apply UKM international course that same as what i appealed in UPU? Will it affect my UPU appealing result? 2) The application do need 2 passport pictures, can I just scan through and email to UKM together? Or must send it through posting a letter? 3) The application form financial part need to state either self funding or sponsorship, if i want to apply PTPTN load, what should i write there? Is it tick sponsorship and write PTPTN at the name of sponsorship?

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By Loke Kit Yee

20.37 pm, August 11, 2017
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    Hi Loke,
    Allow us to help you understand more about UKM’s international degree programme (IDP) first before we answer you question. Just like it’s name, the IDP is open to all Malaysian and International students and does not require you to apply through UPU. It does not work the same way as their normal application process. The IDP programme allows you to apply directly to UKM but the fees, of course, will be much more than the usual government-subsidised one. The IDP was launched to give students, who didn’t get accepted through UPU, a chance to study at local public universities. Paying for the fees will also grant you some benefits such as being given the priority to join their Summer Mobility Programme.

    1) If you register for IDP, you will definitely get accepted, given that you fulfil all their requirements because the fees you’re paying is similar to that of private institutions. Hence, there is no need to appeal through UPU once you register for IDP. Of course, if you appeal through UPU, the fees will be subsidised by the government but there is a lot of competition among other students.

    2) Please view the step-by-step guide on how to apply here: http://afterschool.my/news/apply-ukms-international-bachelor-degree-programme/

    3) You should tick ‘self-funding’ because you need to get your offer letter first before you can apply for PTPTN.

    Hope this helps.

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    hi, thank you for answering. so it is means that i can appeal through UPU and also apply UKM international program directly together? it doesn’t crash right?

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    No it won’t clash as they’re managed by two separate entities. The only thing you’ll lose is your application fee when you apply directly to UKM.

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    ok thank you so much!

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