Ehemm, Hello , I am interested to persue my degree in history, political sciences and something in this field. So , what is the best course for me to take (i prefer pre u ) before i persue in that field. Also I want to know if I am eligable to take preparory programme to study abroad ( how to apply? ). Btw my result is 9As. Thx

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By Muadz

19.02 pm, March 20, 2017
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    *Pre u – other than STPM
    ** I am not from science stream
    *** No addmath

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    Hello Muadz,

    1. Congrats on your great results in SPM

    2. If you want a Pre-U course that is not STPM and is preparatory for studying abroad, your best option is A-Levels:

    A-Levels – just like STPM – is recognized worldwide and had science and art streams. Since you are not from Science stream, you can select art stream

    There are many institutions offering A-Levels. you can find the list of institutions at the bottom of the link.

    3. If you are interested in pursuing courses related to political science, it is a good idea to pursue Law:

    Law will allow you to be familiar with the laws, regulations and practices of the country. You can specialize in various areas like public policies, public prosecution, defense lawyer, and of course you can enter the political sphere.

    With law, you will gave great employment opportunities, build your professional reputation and make your name as you move on in your career development.

    You can be a politician if you are a lawyer.

    4. Political Science:

    While it is an amazing program, your future employment options are very limited.

    Best of luck.

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