5 follow up steps you need to know after submitting the UPU application

March 05, 2015
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Take a deep breath.

If you had followed our tips and guidelines in choosing your dream course and registering for IPTA via the UPU, you should be halfway to achieving your dreams of a tertiary education.

Don’t forget to check your UPU results with a copy of your application in hand (option to print out is available on the SEMAKAN page).

Here are five facts that will help make sure you are able to continue your studies after SPM or STPM regardless of whether your UPU application was accepted (Congratulations!) or rejected (it’s okay! Refer to point number 3 and 5).

1. Be vigilant


There are many people looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck, so be careful! If it seems too good to be true, then there is a high chance that the claims are false.

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has made an announcement in response to the free passes and fake offer letters that have been distributed to students. The Ministry has advised students to beware and not fall prey to the information specified in these effort to scam and phish for information.

Hundreds of thousands of students and parents fall prey to scholarship scams annually and these victims suffer the loss of millions of dollars collectively. Scam operations usually imitate legitimate government agencies, scholarship matching services, education lenders and grant-giving foundations, utilizing official-sounding words in their names such as “Federal”, “National”, “Foundation” or “Administration”.

Avoid being the victim of fake sponsorship or scholarship scams by reading this article.

Read more here:

Ministry of Education asks students to beware of false free-passes

Malaysian Ministry of Education asks students to be cautious of fake offer letters


2. What if I do not wish to take the course offered to me?


If applicants reject the offer from one university they will NOT get any offers from other universities as UPU adheres to the One Offer Policy. Students will not be entertained for the appeal process as it is only applicable for those who are not offered a placement in IPTA.

UPU practices one offer policy and lepasan SPM results to be announced


3. What to do if my application was rejected?


MOE also states that selection of students is based on a meritocracy policy, implemented by applying 90% academic marks and 10% marks for generating merit in extra-curricular activities.

Read more here:

Ministry of Education Clarifies Student Recruitment Policy to public universities

Why Some UPU Candidates Didn’t Get the University or Offer They Want



4. Submit an appeal


It should be noted that only applicants who did not receive any offers can make an application for appeal and the appeal offer is limited as it is aimed at filling any existing vacancies.

Appeals can be made online through https://online.mohe.gov.my/upu/onlinerayuanupu/ Make sure to pay attention the the announced closing date. Results of the appeal application will usually be out by mid-June. If no offer is received from the public universities after the date of registration, the appeal is considered failed.



5. Consider private options


Cheer up! It is not the end of the world. If you are truly serious about pursuing a tertiary education, Malaysia in it’s aim to become an international hub for education have many other options to choose from. Why not consider a private education?

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