5 Tips: How do I guarantee that I am not being cheated?

Coming to Malaysia through official channels will help prevent agents from cheating students. These are the tips students need to ensure safe application, transparent process, and secure financial  transactions:

1. Check the quality of the institution with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

Malaysian Qualifications Agency

Students can visit the MQA site and check the accreditation and quality of the institution. Register with a credible institution that has the capability to take good care of their international students and provide quality education.

2. Contact the institution before attempting to make any payment and make sure to clear any confusion you may have

Student calling

The contact details of the institution are available in your offer letter and you are advised to check with the institution via Email or by calling the institution directly.

3. Keep track of all the documents you have submitted to the institution

Keep track of your documents

Save copies of all the forms you filled. Keep the certified copy of your medical report and all other documents. Upon arrival, you need to have all the documents with you.

4. All payments must be made to the institution directly

pay directly to university

The details of the bank account and payment methods will be stated in your offer letter and the details can be verified by the bank once you attempt to make the financial transactions. Bank accounts of universities are secured, regulated and monitored by the government of Malaysia.

If you have any doubts about this, contact the institution or ask our counselors for clarification.

5. Keep a copy of the proof of payment at all times

Keep a proof of payment

Once you have verified all the details, you can make the payment. When the transaction is complete, save the evidence of payment. Proof of payment is very important to help you track the process and ensure that everything is going accordingly.

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