2 important questions international student should know about visa processes

Is there a chance that my visa will be rejected?


The short answer is yes. There is a chance for student visa to be rejected for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Incomplete documents
  • Wrong documents
  • Incomplete payment
  • Health related problems

In case the rejection is based on documentation error, the university will appeal to the department of immigration and will work with the student to correct the error. Rejection of visa is rare and is usually resolved once the details are known.

Major rejection of the visa might be based on health related problems such as (HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, chronic illness that may affect student performance, drugs related issues, and other health issues of a similar nature). The conditions for health related problems will be clarified in the medical examination papers provided by the institution.

How do I know the progress of my visa?


All applicants will be given access to the official online portal to track the progress of the application of the student’s visa.

Students will be able to track and monitor the entire process step by step. Sometimes, the process seems to take longer than the anticipated time. In that case, the delay occurs at the department of immigration and not at the institution. However, it is advised to check with your institution for clarification.

Do not worry. These delays happen frequently. The Main thing to focus on is receiving the visa within the determined period (4 – 8 weeks) from the date of submission and completing the payment.

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